Good system with lower commission to broker?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by chifai2, Dec 16, 2007.

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    Hi Traders:

    My friend told me he has opened an account at a broker called Striker and has been autotrading a system called CA system. He said it has made him alot of money since system has high % wins. He told me about it but I am wondering if there are traders out there who are actually paying less than the $20 fee there and how many contracts you have to trade to get the lesser commission...if such thing exist there?

    Also, anybody doing good somewhere else with autotrading systems at brokers?

  2. How to lower your commissions substantially:

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    Hello Chifai2,

    I would like to help you with your inquiry. I can potentially offer you commissions that are lower then $20 using automated systems. At the moment my firm Global Futures Exchange and Trading Company is offering a handfull of diffrent systems you can autotrade. Some working with the E-Mini Indices as well as currencies and other markets. We even provide you free demos on live market feed for you to view on how these systems perform. If you are interested in further information and would like try a demo. Give me a call and I will be more then happy to help out.

    Johnny Khek
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  4. Clients who autotrade my systems pay significantly less than $20/rt, no matter their size.

  5. Anyone used Collective2?