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  1. No one seems to trade like I do. It's a weighted blend of trend-following and global value. Long only. 100% invested. No leverage. To date mostly commodity-related assets and out-of-favor country stock indexes. Mostly ETFs. Averaging 10 entries and 10 exits per month. It requires 20 hours per week of my time. Excellent CAGR, low drawdowns. But I only know these past 8 months. No active trading before that. I want analytical improvements and long-term market wisdom. Anyone qualified and interested in working with me?
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    Probably nobody will trade the exact same way as you do, and that's a good indication that you've got your own system, something that is not just a shallow copy of someone else's sketches. Then, how interested are you in how other people trade, really? Myself, I trade EOD-data and consider myself break-even+. Don't really like trading itself, as the user-interfaces and order systems are beyond silly, and the brokers provide even worse support. So having automated everything is nice as it lets me focus on my real job. Am always interested in new ideas though, reading anything can provide new sources of ideas and even my job provides inputs can be useful - if not always directly so.

    I'm interested in holding as long as possible. If something can double many times over many years, I'm willing to wait in order to compound that growth. So typical trend trader, but after much work there may be hard limits to how much you can catch this way when ie. allowing for diversification and all the kinds of risk management possible.

    So have to wait and see if this can scale up over time, and if so, start considering supporting long-term game with daytrading. I think it's good to not become stagnant, depending what one wants out of this game.

    It'll be impossible for others to anticipate what you need or want, so I'd support just21's advice to blog about it or share something that can get a discussion going. If you want something, gotta get out there and give something of yourself.

    80 trades. They say 30 trades are starting to get significant, so you've got a good base. I'd anticipate some losing-streak any day though. However, even though my system's run longer, don't have anything to brag about performance-wise yet, so very low scale to allow for experimentation. Automation is not too hard, but perhaps the 100% mechanical approach is more demanding, or I'm just particularly dim.
    Are you trading discretionary?
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  4. Discretionary. I don't know what EOD-data is.
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    "End of day" (i.e. downloaded in one go after a market's closed for the day, not "live-streaming"). ;)
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    What ETFs do you trade? Im curious as theres not much information about ETFs at this site.
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    Since you're discretionary (gut feel) it's difficult to add analytical improvements.
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    one should get use to being alone and do everything himself (that's why i recommended for reading "Robinson Crusoe")

    and when one feel like a genius he should get use to the fact that this will pass... :)
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  9. Currently KOL, EWZ, EWZS, EPOL, SLV, COPX, SLX, and VWOB. Also VGPMX and PAAS.

    My system is quantified but not automatic. I decide looking at my spreadsheet, which takes seven variables into account, weighted as seems about right.
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    Why Long only?
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