Good Support in SP500 near 800

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Aaron Copland, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Shoud find its footing around 800.
  2. Making some progress for sure. Fed can't do zippo. That dumb ass Bernake shot his wad during the first quarterof 08. 3.00% cut in two months what a dumb ass.
  3. A couple more days and were there. Lets hurry up and just crash all ready geesh.
  4. Yeah, and the world is calling for "more rate cuts"... Sheesh.
  5. Dang 10 more since that last snap a few minutes ago, maybe we get there today 800 coming up.
  6. Aaron,

    Please wait until it bounces off of 800.

    In reality, a case can be made for the index returning to 525 based upon technical analysis and P/E.

    Place up a technical graph of historical P/Es. There is a head and shoulders on that chart with a target of 7 P/E. 7X75= 525.

    A return to 1995 pricing.
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    Italian, if you need I'll translate but basically it's all in the charts. :D
  9. I know.. lol

    just playin..

    nice charts.. thanx.. the thing is everyone is looking at the same thing..
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