Good strong, growth company with solid dividends

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Darshan, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Been doing some research... my dear old mother has some dry powder and she is sick of seeing the meager returns she is getting at the bank...

    I'm more of a short term trading that sticks strictly to the parameters of the systems. Not very familiar with value investing and dividends.

    Have we completely missed the boat on REITS--- rates will eventually start heading higher, no?

    Just wanted to pick the panel's collective brain. Anyone have any suggestions for a good solid company that will appreciate while hand out a decent dividend?

    looking forward to your feedback,
  2. tell your dear mother that she should wait. we have just had the biggest market run in history and it not wise enter a long term position after that. its not surprising because that is how the public invests.sell stocks and put money in cash when the market is down and put money in stocks at the top. of course i could be totally wrong and the market goes to the moon.

    show her this chart.
  3. tell your mother to spend teh money or give the money away.

    how old is your mother.

    if you are retired at age 65 or older----spend the money and enjoy it.

    you've worked 45 years so you spend it.

    buy a new car , go on vacation. go to fine restaurants etc..spend it. and enjoy it. NOW today.

    live for today for tommorrow you may not be here.

    what is the point of saving money when you are young? is to spend it. later on when you retire.

    the reality in wall street there is rarely anything worth investing without risk of losing money...dividends are like 3% and interest rate or bonds are 2%..a for stocks the are inflated and ponzi schemes or is a gamble...

    if there is nothing to invest cash. there are rarely any free money or gifts in wall street...because the market is 'efficient'.

    with interest rates at 1% you won't get an companies or stocks with p/e 7 and pays 10% dividend and company has no debt and is revenue growing 25% per gifts in wall street... such stocks don't exist. very rare..only time i saw stocks trading at those levels was october 2002 and march 2009...

  4. I didnt read your post, but your title makes no sense - strong growth and solid dividend..