good stocks to trade ??

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  1. i am looking for some stocks that are good to day trade. Some that i can scan and wait for breakouts from chart patterns. ones that tend to have good volume day in and day out and move throughout the day.

    any feedback is appreciated !!
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    I thought you loved KLAC?:confused:

    No love today?
  4. richtrader, i opened your folder and everything came up in boxes and crazy symbols. maybe its something wrong with my computer? (looks something like wingdings)

    but anyways thanks fellas !!
  5. maybe you don't have excel installed on your machine?

    let me know and i'll make you a text file version of it if you want.
  6. Okay, here is a new list for you. It takes the top 400 symbols ordered by (ADR / ClosePrice). This field is called VolPct, and shows what percentage a stock moves each day in relation to its overall price. So a stock with a VolPct of .075 moves 7.5% every day (on average).

    The other criteria is that the average volume must be > 500,000 and the average closing price must be between 10 and 60. This is the exact query I use for a basis to trade off of every day.

    It is a tab delimited text file so you should be able to see it this time.

    Let me know what you think.
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    KLAC is still my favorite.

    I just sorted a few that I have on a spreadsheet.


    Stating to like XLNX as good though.
  8. RICHTRADER............... THANKS ALOT ..................IT SHOULD BE VERY HELPFUL !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Your original excel file link got covered over by a CyberTrader ad. :D At least it did in my browser - Netscape 4.77. Not sure how these ads work. But here's the link again. with the download at Good idea. I created something similar in TC2000 but didn't limit it to stocks over $10, as it's the stocks under $10 that generally move the most percentage wise during the day, especially these days. I screen stocks for their daily range as a percentage of their previous closing price just as you do. And I use 500,000 and 1,000,000 average daily shares traded as another screen off the first screen too. So you know there's enough liquidity to exit the trade if it goes against you. It's useful in finding good candidates. :)
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