Good Stocks to Daytrade?

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  1. I am pretty new to trading NYSE stocks - have been trading AT&T the last couple of days - does anyone have any suggestions for good Intraday range, volume, nice smooth swings, etc. Also, stocks with lots of thickness on the bid/offer, etc. Too good to be true?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. vlo and gg aint that bad. gg is one of hybrids now, no superthick but liquid enough.
  3. I have traded gg - very liquid but hard to get filled when the stock starts moving against you - price levels evaporate too quickly - has this changed since hybridization?
  4. I like vlo bby, pd can be treacherous but v profitable if you're super disciplined with it.
  5. Russ32


    I trade BTU quite a bit intraday.
  6. Yhoo, Goog, and Ebay for starters. Have traded them several times in a few hours of eachother.
  7. aapl, goog
  8. you guys have to be kidding, goog is a terrible stock to daytrade.
  9. bidu for about 3 months!!!
  10. how about ccj btu aci csx fd het mgm aet wlp nue x nsc unp cy etc etc
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