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  3. Okay - Kidd Keo, I think it’s great.
  4. eye candy and song
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    Hmph. Can you elaborate on what you like so much about his work? I watched some of his top videos, and I don't see it. And I mean that in a positive way. Maybe mixing English with Spanish, but other than that its just run of the mill trap as far as I can tell. What is it you see that sets him apart? I'm honestly curious. 26 million views... what's he doing right?

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    26 million views... monetized?
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  8. Any playlist of songs by The Zombies, The Animals, The Yardbirds, The Kinks, The Who, or The Byrds, honorable mention to Paul Revere and the Raiders, and The Rolling Stones.
  9. Ever walk into a music store and play stairway?

    Zeppelin Live Stairway to heaven
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