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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ovations, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. ovations


    hi all. I have been using Neovest for some time and like it very much. however, it costs a lot, USD 400 a month. Can anyone suggest an alternative software. A one that comes with a filter like the one in neovest. Thank you. Ovations
  2. TimP


    From a vendor:

    Consider a free trial of ClearView, which offers additional features and fresher data for scanning, charting and analytics.
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    well thanks
  4. Tom R: You're hijacking every thread by posting this garbage. It's not trading related.
  5. Well, thankfully for all involved, you're not capable of producing an intelligent response. Lament your MLM fiasco somewhere else. This is a trading forum.
  6. Tom R

    Its a fee country, BUT its a privately owned message board, which has its own rules. so, NO, you do NOT have the right to post anything you want anywhere you want. Your post is completely off topic, so can it.
  7. I think you missed an exclamation point. You may want to edit your retarded outburst. "So to me I post?"

    Mr. Medved owns a reputable software company.
  8. Tom R,

    I work for myself, not MX. A simple check of my profile would have told you that. Whether its on topic to you is irrelevant. Its off topic for everyone else and THAT irritates the other people on this board, including me, so it IS my business.

    If you want to flame the company, fine. Start a new thread. (which I think you have done). Write a bad review (which you also did). Beyond that, hijacking every thread you can find is bad form, regardless of what company pissed you off.
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    Why is it not trading related? The software is used for picking stocks (so is similar to neovest).
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    ClearView guys may want to add the uninstaller to their useless software. How am I supposed to delete that crap now?
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