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    I am going to open an account with AMP Futures. In this account I will only be scalping the ES Futures as I use I.B for long term trades and options. Can anyone recommend a good trading platform to select as AMP Futures have about 30 different platforms to choose from. I have heard Jigsaw is good for scalping but very much doubt you get the full Jigsaw platform through AMP Futures.
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    Have you tried scalping using the DOM yet? It takes quite a while to understand and by your asking this question I suspect you may be just starting out. I apologize if my ASSumption is incorrect. :D

    I use Jigsaw myself but also rely on footprint charts and volume delta. My problem with using Jigsaw alone is that I have difficulty keeping track of where there is passive buyer/seller support and resistance areas, particularly when the market is moving fast. I use the footprint chart as a sort of reference. Delta is also useful in this regard.

    I was going to suggest using Ninja trader as a platform BUT in order to get their orderflow tools (footprint chart) I believe you need to purchase the full version of the software. I really can't help with other charting suggestions. I believe if you want anything other than basic tools you will end up paying for them. I use Jigsaw, Gomi footprint & Orderflows software. I am not a bid/ask scalper; I am looking for short term movement. (orderflow is somewhat useless for longer term trading)

    On edit- I checked and you are correct. Jigsaw is not listed as one of the free trading platforms at AMP.
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    I would say Quantower. You get the full version for free and it has a lot of the features that Jigsaw has.
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    I'd say Trading Technologies, but it's not free.
    But again, there ain't such thing as a free lunch.

    Btw, I don't do swing trading, so who am I to give you any suggestion...
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    Looks like Quantower might be a good option.
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  6. Since your going with AMP as your futures brokers, take a look at Sierra Chart because it is as powerful as NinjaTrader. There are many pros and cons, but Sierra Chart is highly recommended since new AMP accounts cannot use NinjaTrader.

    Sierra Chart Package 3 use to also be free for AMP brokerage accounts, but unfortunately it's no longer free as of April 2021.

    Sierra Chart Package 5 is $36/mo and includes footprint (TPO) charts.

    There's a much higher learning curve with Sierra Charts, and it's no where near as user friendly for beginners as NinjaTrader. But if you're willing to put in the work to learn the platform, you'll grow to love its customizability and high performance.

    For our Chicago VPS, we have as many Sierra Chart users as NinjaTrader, and overall the Sierra Chart users are able to run more charts and more indicators, using less resources and fewer crashes.
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    Sierra Chart or RTrader.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will spend some time over the weekend deciding on what platform to choose. Good thing about AMP Futures is if I choose a platform I don't like I will be able to change it at the start of the next month.
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