Good site that explains indicators?

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    I just got through reading the training section of this site, "trading as a business." Best thing I've read through so far, better than all of the books I've bought at Amazon, or here for that matter. Really clarified a lot for me. (wish I would've read this first it would have saved me a few hundred dollars in books and probably the life of a small tree)

    So, now I'm convinced strategy trading is the way to go. I've read some books on candlestick, barcharts and all that. What I need now is a web site that just focuses on the indicators and tells very plain and simple what each one is for, what it means, and examples on how to use them. Maybe even which ones are suited to which styles. So, I can figure out which one's I like.

    Please keep in mind I am a newb, but I'm not looking for the holy grail, or one magic indicator. So, no need to flame me, I'm already over the holy grail/ black box syndrome. I'm just looking for some easy to understand education on indicators, so that I can use them as part of my strategy.
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    Thanks much, keep it coming good stuff.
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    Scroll down to 'MetaStock Indicators, Explorations and System Tests' very good illustrations of Indicators and explanations of how they work and are applied.!-MSZ-index-en.html
    Again MetaStock code but very large collection of Indicators and Experts — trading systems — all displayed on charts, tho not much in the way of explanation.
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    What about getting a charting package like TradeStation or esignal and then loading each indicator and playing with it and then reading the help files on each one.

    If you get a charting package with a lot of indicators you can try them all. Also most charting packages have free trials.
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