Good site for future quotes?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by forex-forex, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. What is a good site for:
    • Future quotes.
    • Future option quotes.
    • Future option chains.
    • Maintenance margin requirements.
    • Initial margin requirements.
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    you better stay with forex. Futures is far more deadly than options.
  4. Thanks, I will study that site.

    I know the basics, but am studing a little more.
    • Long future contract and long future put = Limited loss.
    • Short future contract and long future call = Limited loss.
    • Long future put or call = Limited loss.
    • Short future put or call = Unlimited loss.
    • Long or short future contract = Unlimited loss.
    I have a long December 107/108 CAD future option strangle open in my Interactive Brokers demo account and it's down only $70.00 after 24 hours. This is my first demo trade and the type of trades I'm interested in.
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  6. Up $264.00 with the strangle. But I can't close any trades with this demo, I get the following message: "ERROR REPORT: No Trading Permission, Account Requirements".

    Also one of my trailing stops wasn't activated in a long CAD future contract in the same demo account.
  7. I agree that you should stick with what your profitable in.