Good simulator with minimum deposit requirment

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by madmax98, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone and happy Thnxgivin'...... I'm looking for a broker who has a good simulator but with a small minimum requirement. i checked out IB but they require 10 grand to start and i don't want to freeze 10 grand just to use a simulator. I'm trying to compare between futures, forex and equities, so i'd like to able to simulate them, if not, forex and futures will be enough. Thnx in advance and happy holidays.
  2. you could get simulators for free dude. atleast for index futures
  3. RealFastTrader has a good one if you deposit 5K. You get DAS Pro level 1
  4. choicetrade i think has a demo for equities
  5. Use NinjaTrader (free) + OpenTick datafeed (also free). You will pay only exchange data fee. If you are looking at index futures, try YM and you even get data for free.
  6. thnx guys, i'm actually looking at ES and NQ, i'll look at Ninja trader
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    I'm currently using the X_Trader's simulator (including X_Study) through Velocity Futures to test some strategies on ES . I think X_Trader is an A product and the simulator is very realistic as it takes into account your position in the queue as well as the depth of the market to determine your fills. Staff has been very helpful in getting me up and running and addressing any issue. They have different options available for using their simulator and you can find detail on their website ( Hope this helps. Happy Thanksgiving to you to.
  8. good choice. 30$ monthly if you will use opentick. For futures opentick is good enough for papertrading period.