good simple ways to invest 1000$

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    heyy im sure this might have been posted b4 but i did do my search and really couldnt find a specific thread directed at answering this question.

    im 17 yrs old, just finished highschool and looking to pursue the career of being a authorized securities dealer. i only have a part time job working around 30-40 hrs a week making 7.25 an hr off the books. I've been working for the past 3 months and have close to 1000$. im realling interested in raising my capital maybe not by investing in stock or options or the market at all. but just looking for some simple effective ways to make small, low risk gain on a decently small amount of money. please if anyone has any credible or effective solutions whetherr selling things on ebay to even possibly making a healthy profit off of trading please let me know.

    thank you.
  2. hmmmnnn???

    Flip burial plots, pick one of those up for about a thou. Land, there not making anymore of it.
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    you wont want to hear this, but you gotta find your own way.
  4. MegaMillions just got up to $125 million. Buy yourself 1000 lottery tickets.
  5. short obama at