good security for public WiFi trading

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  1. jorgez


    I am not very clever with computers but I am wondering what is the best method of securing my notebook on public WiFi.

    Could I use a second router or switch with some sort of inbuilt security.

    I am thinking mainly of trading from a hotel room or rented apartment where WiFi is supplied.

    Where I can find the WiFi Router, could I disconnect it and use my own. However in a hotel, that is not possible.

  2. r-in


    Just say no, unless you really have to get off a trade. I've seen the security guys at their conferences crack the latest greatest security for wireless devices in a matter of minutes. On the other hand the odds of someone hitting on your laptop in your room are probably minimal and would be by chance more than anything. For me though the whole idea is a no go decision.
    Someone will probably correct me, but I have been under the impression that running through 2 routers was not a good idea, as they don't usually cooperate to well.
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  3. jorgez


    Hi r-in,

    Thanks a lot.

    I can see that WiFi security in Hotels can be tricky.
    Is there a piece of software that can tell me if my machine is being accessed from outside.

    As far as rented apartments go, can I replace the existing Router with my own router.

    thank you.
  4. vikana

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    un-encrypted "open" WiFi is easily hackable. There are extensions to e.g. Firefox that will let someone else collect your logins, cookies and other session data.

    It's simply folly to use Public WiFi, imo.
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  5. What is the risk of all this? My identity has been stolen to the tune of over $100,000 in a couple of days and I have had money taken from accounts in unauthorized transactions. I haven't, nor has anyone I know lost one dime or even a good nights sleep worrying about it. I do not know why anyone worries about this stuff. You file a police report, write a few letters, make a few phone calls and you are made whole. Big whoop.
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  6. Who made you whole? The bank/broker where it was stolen from? I didn't think it was as easily remedied as you're saying...
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  7. Gcapman


    Easy solution:

    Use your laptop for your charts and research but call in your trades via cell phone

    No online banking and the like over WiFi -- why not just pay $50 per month for 3G ??
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  8. Of course. It was a bank and someone submitted unauthorized ach transactions. That is like someone stealing your checkbook, if the bank clears it they are on the hook. It's really not a big deal.

    I had my identity stolen after taking out a line of credit and the processing center was in New Jersey. That is where it went down starting black friday of 07. Over $100,000 over the weekend, good credit and high net worth is what they target. Again it was no big deal, file a police report and write some letters and make some phone calls. Now they all watch my credit like a hawk, I can't even charge a vacation without my credit card company calling me to see if it is really me, I consider that a bonus.

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  9. there are VPN services you can pay for if you need a private tunnel over the Internet
  10. jorgez


    VPN services I have heard of them but I don't know much about them.

    How would VPN help me secure my laptop if I am on a public WiFi.
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