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  1. plugger


    I'm looking for an intraday scan (real-time) which will display stocks trading unusual volume and price action for the beginning of the trading day (ie: first 30 minutes). Any suggestions for websites (free would be great). Thanks.
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    You can use
  4. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor has a number of free scans.

  5. Trade Ideas works very well for me and I post my P/L on

    For $45.00 per month hard to beat!
  6. TimP


    ClearView's new scanning tool can be downlopded for a free trial. It uses high-frequency time series price and volume data to identify new opportunities and identify trend reversals.
  7. zxcv1fu


    You can get the Pristine basic ESP for free:

    It will show a tap banner of real time hod, how, hom, hoy, block trade, etc. You can configure it.

    If you want a setup then you have to pay.
  8. is decent
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