Good Reason to use a Wireless Mouse

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  1. scary yes....but get rid of that wal-mart surge protector and spend a few bucks on a good one. and if you live in an area that gets a good storm regularly, splurge on a TVSS as well.
  2. I use APC for my backup and protection but who knows if it
    really works against a lightning strike?

    My next door neighbor has a tree that is 80% gone because of
    a lightning strike. He keeps it there to remind him not to stand
    under trees during thunderstorms... It's all black and burnt...
    really creepy looking...

    And can you tell me what a TVSS is?

  3. TVSS....transient voltage surge suppressor...provides clean power to electronics...and clamps down on sudden severe spikes. it is basically a voltage regulator.

    depending on the APC unit you have, you probably already have it.
  4. Interesting thread, version77; surprisingly, laws of nature always finds a way to reach humans.

    Moreover, looked up your link and searched internet for more information, and found following links good:

    Thanks for the inputs, but beware of these surge protectors, it is a myth as shown in above links. Moreover, even if the house is fully protected by the lightning system, 100% protection can not be guaranteed and damage will occur. So, beware!
  5. Great job finding these links TraderSystem.

    Very much needed information that is very usefull...

    In fact, with these links perhaps a new thread is warranted with
    a new and and better title about computers/electricity/protection?...
  6. i'm skeptical of these stories about getting zapped by holding a mouse in a storm. first, the surge suppressor should reduce the electricty coming into the computer. second, the electrical path through the computer and the wires to the mouse are so thin that they don't carry much current. if you do get zapped, it would be extremely weak. the computer and mouse act as a fuse.

    don't believe everything that a journalist writes.