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  1. I've never been into hard liquor, but just curious what are some good quality liquors of choice among traders?

    Not sure where this came from, guess I've watched too much Boston Legal where Denny and Alan sit on their high rise porch drinking some quality liquor. I wouldn't mind a drink or two after some days of trading, but don't want to buy junk.

    Give me some ideas... cost not a consideration, I'd much prefer a quality drink over cheapness.
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    Here's two that are easy to find, not really expensive and pretty darn tasty:

    Maker's Mark Bourbon (look for lots of red wax on the top) $25 to $30 a 750ml bottle
    Bombay Sapphire Gin (in blue square bottles) $15-$20 a 750ml bottle

    Prices are rough approximations, and local governments love to tax `em.

    Another good idea is to go into a good place like Morton's or Ruth's Chris and try a couple at the bar.
  3. [​IMG]

    Midletons Irish Whiskey

    Have to agree with Maker's Mark... one of the better Bourbons...

    and of course:

  4. Dimple is always nice.
  5. Nothing beats a Courvoisier and coke.
  6. Nice... keep 'em coming!
  7. 1st rule.. if you can't drink it STRAIT-UP it aint worth drinking.

    "quality" is in your mouth

    put it in your mouth.. swirl it around a bit [take your time] TASTE IT!

    may i recommened''

    smthg from the agave family?

    Cuervo BLACK
  8. good point goat - I think that's what I'm going after - be able to drink the liquor by itself (or with some ice) and have a good quality drink.

    So here's a question - how does one go about seeing what they like the best w/o purchasing enough bottles of liquor to alert the police? Do I do what TGregg suggested and just spend some time at the bar of Ruth Chris or Hyde Park? Any suggestions specific to Cleveland, OH?

  9. when you hold it in your mouth wishing to never swallow..

  10. probably the best thing on the market, and its only 4 dollars a bottle :D
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