Good Prop Firms?

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  1. I've very interested in pursuing a career in trading. I'm 29 and my resume looks rather weak basically because I've been ski bumming in Aspen the past 4 years. Don't regret it, but might if I can't find a job when I move back to Chicago in September. Anyways, I do have a degree in Finance with a minor in Economics. I did the corporate thing out of college, but it was not for me. Any suggestions as to some good prop firms in the Chicago area that would be ideal for a person with no experience? I've been reading SFO magazine, some basic material on the futures market, and a book which I'm sure everybody here has read (New Market Wizards). Any recommendations on other material to read?

    Thanks for the advice.
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    You got trading capital?
  3. No..... I need to find a place where I can trade the firm's capital. Any suggestions?
  4. Where'd you work?

    I ski bummed in Aspen for 3 years in the late 80's myself. This was back when Steeplechase at the "Highlands" was called "A
    Chute, B Chute, C Chute and D Chute." :)

    I lived at 5th and Hallam just behind the "Pig Palace."

  5. Cool. I hear stories about how crazy it was in the 80's. I worked at The Little Nell at the base of Ajax and at the Aspen Club and Spa. Lived on Waters Ave by the Gant.....There putting in a new lift at Highlands which will add more terrain for the Bowl, Temerity, and Steeplechase. Too bad I won't be here to ski it on a good pow day.
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    just dont tell geneva you want to trade energy options after yesterdays debacle!!
  8. thats like saying, "What are the good casinos?"
  9. What happened there?