good prop firms in new york

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ligerny, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Any good honest prop firms in new york that will train you and let you trade there capital without needing to deposit any of your money?

  2. I found LighthSpeed to be nice one for equities. Although i trade futures now .. .
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    It doesn't say anything about prop trading or hiring, any others?
  4. Well there are lot of prop firms in NY
    But all of them want you to depost something so that u dont fuck around with their leverage
  5. they don't have much money.

    a company that doesn't have even $5,000 cash for a trader to trade is one broke company.

  6. if you are beginning trading, your maximum loss per day is $100.

    if you lose 2 days in row, you are fired!

  7. real prop firms have tolerancy for losing money.

    you can only make money when you trade firms money.

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    lol 2 days in a row happens, plus $100 is acceptable per day as long as it's not enture week, $1000 is not unless ur trading much larger account.

    If the company believe in there training and there traders there should be no reason for the trader to put up capital unless they expect him to loose so they are compensated which shows poorly about the firm not the trader