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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by tinka, Oct 1, 2009.

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    I am currently trading for big and known prop firm. However when I signed up I did not know much about this business and I agreed to high fees. Market orders for 100 shares on SDOT cost me $1.30 and limit orders on ARCA $0.70. I take 100% of profits but after commissions there is not much left. In Setember I have traded around 150,000 shares, and I paid around $2k in commissions and I had around $200 profit left for me. If I had lower fees, I would trade more shares, as on bad days I am done trading after 30 minutes since commissions add up quickly. I think I basically signed up through middleman who takes the portion of commission I pay in exchange for training which does not exist. Could you recommend me a company with low fees and good platform. I can pay percentage of profits in exchange of low fees. I have money for capital contribution.
  2. 1) Market orders remove liquidity so you have to pay the added fees for that.

    2) 150,000 is nothing. That's 7000 shares a day. Not even worth the office space and data fees. Not flaming, just fact.

    3) There are dozens of prop and sub LLC's out there. Do some legwork and find the best deal. You won't find a good deal on ET, just snake oil salesman and bucket shops.