Good Prop Firm for part time/remote trader?

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    Dear All,
    I am living in San Jose (CA) with full time job. But I am thinking to transfer to full time trader in next a few years.
    Is there any good Prop Firm that could hire/train me from remote?

    Thanks for your kind suggestions! No scam please, serious suggestions only!
  2. I can't think of a single reason any prop firm would hire someone part-time. I would recommend you put the prop firm search on-hold until you can trade full-time.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Seems self learning is the way to have the track of record?
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    My thought on this:

    1. I am living in CA and can do the DT during the first 4 hours upon mkt open.

    2. I can trade Europe or Asia Forex market.

    Both cases make me like "full-time".

    Do you think this is doable?
  5. You should be able to trade thru a firm that requires a capital deposit like... Echo Trade, Bright trading, Hold Brothers, JC Trading Group and others. Since you are more like a customer at those firms you can trade part-time. Bright Trading offers various levels of training, but most of the others do not.

    Prop firms where you do not have to put up any capital and that offer extensive training, usually require full time commitments.

  6. Transition from your 9 to 5 to Trading for a Living

    Part time? Full Time? How about One Step at a Time?

    Full Story:

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    Thanks Guys for the great suggestion!
    Let me do more DD and move one step further on this!
  8. Back from the grave :cool:

    Are there any decent remote prop trading firms still left (considering that its 2012)?

    I am looking for:
    1) 20:1 leverage.
    2) Low initial deposit (2-3k for 40-60k intraday BP).
    3) The ability to trade part-time. I can do this since I live in AZ.
    4) The ability to trade without getting licensed and without taking the BS training courses

    With my retail account I have been able to bring in @ $5-$7 moving a 100 lot consistently intraday. I would like to be able to get my feet wet & take myself to the next level. I have the same results moving a 1000 lot (which is the most I use intraday anyway). Ideally, I would like to increase my size intraday to 10k & have the potential to make a nice living doing this.

    If you have any good suggestions you can send them my way. Thanks :)
  9. to be honest, at 20:1 for 2-3k, you're better off sticking in the retail account. You'll blow out of that 2-3k in a day or two with that type of leverage. It takes time to learn how to use ECNs properly or the market makers will eat you alive. That's really very little capital to come into a firm with. I doubt there are any that will give that type of deal. Maybe an unregistered group like CY may take you on.
  10. The fixed costs and hassles of registration don't make sense if the OP is only part-time. You're going to have to pay platform and pro data fees if you go the prop route.
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