Good 'prop' BRANCHES..dead or alive??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by traderking, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hi ET family
    I have been daytrading for many years. Over the years, I have paid my dues (heavy dues) to the market & I have also made money in the market.

    I trade mostly equity & options from home..retail. Still profitable but have to admit that it is getting more difficult, methods/strategies are decreasing, so is the profit. I will be able to trade more strategies with good leverage. Therefore, the prop world is looking more & more attractive but there are many sharks out there so I must proceed with caution.

    I have been on my own at home for years, now I'm craving for something new. So, as good as remote is, I will prefer to trade in an office for at least a year or two before isolating myself again. I'm willing to pay the extra fee. I have training in the past, & with my experience I am not looking for basic. I am willing to pay for real, adequate, good method/strategic training (not outdated). I will study, learn, put down the deposit, take series 7, if necessary. Just hook me up with the top guys in the right office. No sub, LLC please.

    I live in Los Angeles area & there are Assent & Bright (Arcadia) in this area. Are there others? Please do tell?? I have been in this trading world long enough to know that every decision matter. Each branch office run differently & those differences can affect my bottom line. It's win or lose in this market. Everyone what to join the winning team (most in the office are making money), so do I. I do not want to waste time & money in the wrong office for 1-2years like some did. So, I am willing to drive long distance everyday to get to a better branch even with this gas prices..LOL.

    Just give me a clue where that office is? Is it in LA, OC, or Inland Empire? Does anyone here work in any of these two branches mentioned above or others? What is your experience or others you've heard? This is part of my due diligence...not gossip. Please feel free to share your opinion.

    I see some post here that are being ignored, nobody responded, I wish I have the answer to respond...don't want mine to be one of those. So, ET family show what you've got, bring your best to the board, your best traders, best conversationalist, best communicators, best problem solvers, professional traders, experience traders, big traders, king traders share your opinion & suggestions.. lets make this a productive thread for everyone.
    :) :)