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    "Free Money"
    By Paul Krugman

    "Take a look at the latest Treasury real yield curve data — the interest rate the U.S. government pays on bonds that are indexed to inflation:

    <img src="">

    "That’s right: for every maturity of bonds under 20 years, investors are paying the feds to take their money — and in the case of maturities of 10 years and under, paying a lot.

    "What’s going on? Investor pessimism about prospects for the real economy, which makes the perceived safe haven of US debt attractive even at very low yields. And pretty obviously investors do consider US debt safe — there is no hint here of worries about the level of debt and deficits.

    "Now, you might think that there would be a consensus that, even leaving Keynesian things aside, this is a really good time for the government to invest in infrastructure and stuff: money is free, the workers would otherwise be unemployed.

    "But no: the Very Serious People have decided that the big problem is that Washington is borrowing too much, and that addressing this problem is the key to … something."

    Borrowing money is profitable right now, even before considering the ROI on numerous overdue projects which the idle private sector could be and would like to be doing.
  2. seeing that would require critical thinking and republicans do not go there.
  3. All the logic in the world will not even allow the righties to do anything to help America while Obama is President. The hatred is so predominant that discourse is not possible.

    Yes, get people working with infrastructure, how simple is that. And, yes, even approve Keystone to get it started as well. I think Obama, when given 4 more years of non-election nonsense will make this happen. If, and only if, the teabaggers and their ilk, the puppets who work for them, will allow something good for America.