Good place to get a suit in Manhattan?

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  1. What's a good place to get a suit/shirt/tie/shoes/etc.. in Manhattan?

    I may be interviewing for jobs soon, and want to look my best of course.

    I don't want to spend more then like 2-3K.
  2. Oxxford at 745 5th.
  3. A suit for 2K-3K ??

    Are you trying to be CEO or just get a job? Don't forget the little things - socks, belt, watch, glasses, nails, good hair trim.

    Spend a few hundred on suit and the rest of the money on preparing for interviews:

    1) Get your resume(s) seriously worked over by a good service

    2) Spend some $$$ on practice interviewing. Get filmed. Practice with a couple good HR people/counsellors. Have them work out problems in your appearance, manners, presentation and bad habits. You can find these services in the phone book or other places.

    Even recruiters can give you some good pointers.

    Read up on interview preparation. You should be able to answer their questions without sounding like a mannequin. Too many people are so scripted to answer things, they come across as having no personality.

    The hiring decision is going to be 95% based on your resume/qualifications/interview skills, not whether you are in Italian silks.
  4. Know the co you're interviewing. If it's publicly traded, you better know the share price.
  5. this has gotta be joke
  6. I have a geat place Kowloon

  7. Sorry TZ, but in my experience, that's not very good advice

  8. True, but if you dont get the job, you'll be glad you didnt waste all that cash on a suit:D

    Wouldn't hiring one be vastly cheaper and more sensible?
    If you get the gig, your not going to get the can when they figure out it was a ring in.
  9. What if HResource is wearing a cheap suit. You may be oversuited for the job.
  10. Oiihhh. What if the CEO's mother runs Everyone is wearing a cheap suit (company policy). Frankly, I hang around outside at quitting time and check the suits out.
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