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  1. Hey guys,

    I don't actually know if this belongs here, but I have been on a few prop interviews and one of my issues (and interviewer's concerns) is that I have never spent a day actually pure trading from open to close. It is certainly something I want to do, to both test myself, see how I enjoy it, and I think it would be beneficial during interviews in the future.

    Overall, I am looking for something simple to use, free if at all possible. I have tried investopedia in the past, but it is terrible for day trading. Trades pended for hours, kind of defeating the purpose! I liked the style though- Straight forward and no frills. I am not looking to learn new software at this point, only because I may have more interviews in the coming weeks and I simply wouldn't have time to master it. I can use other sites and charts for my technical analysis. Needless to say, I want something that wouldn't pend trades for hours and with little lag elsewhere.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I really appreciate it.

  2. MTE


    Paper trading is not gonna do you any good because paper trading and trading with real money are two completely different games. It's like day and night in terms of psychology!

    Noone is gonna take you more seriously just because you paper traded for a few weeks.
  3. I should have phrased it better, MTE. I want to try it either way, whether it helps my cause or not.

    Thanks, Lucky...Any other suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Pen and paper is pretty good, alternativly you can use excel spread sheet.

    On a a more serious note, downlaod a forex demo some of these companies let you trade oil and other metals real time.
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    The virtual trade tool at is the best. Its free and you can trade stocks, options, and futures with it.
  6. Beautiful, Kx...Thanks!