Good options on futures broker?

Discussion in 'Options' started by rmiller3, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. rmiller3


    I'm looking for a broker to use for futures options. My main criteria is the interface - I want to find one with a good calculator that can calculate profit graphs & margin requirements for futures & future options. So far I like optionxpress the best because of its trade calculator, but they don't allow you to enter multi-leg orders simultaneously, you have to leg in. Also, the calculator uses the last price, not the bid or the ask, so it neglects the large bid-ask spread.

    Which broker do you think has the best futures options interface?

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    Who did you end up going with, do they allow spreads orders, and if you dont mind what do you pay in comissions?

    I am with TOS and looking to get better rates.
  3. emg


    Go with They have good service and very low commission.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will check them out.
  5. i checked them out. their rates are really cheap.
  6. futuretxr


    I'm a bit new to options on futures and have been reading on this. Does anyone know the "a" or "b" symbol convention when looking at options on CME.

    Below is a link to Soybeans on CME.

    Note to next to the prices listed in the last column, it has an "a" or "b" listed next to it. What does this mean?


  7. JPope


    Bid / Ask

    I thought TOS had pretty cheap rates.
  8. uptickk


    Not to detract from the original question but I feel like I am missing something here with future options. Keep in mind I am a future options newbie (I “understand” options in general as I trade them). Option commissions on equities are generally under $1 but future options are around $3. If you spread them that takes you up to $6 per spread. Are vertical spreads just not that popular on future options due to the commissions?
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    They are very popular. With leverage involved, or not really, you should be able to overcome those fees on commodity options on futures.
  10. For options optionshouse , the best rates and their software is second to none.
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