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  1. Ok, the SPY volatility has officially died so I am going to have to chart me some AAPL.

    What other stocks are still good for daytrading options? Super low bid/ask spread on the options and a good trading range.

    My old favorites Research in Motion and Netflix have died...
  2. SPX, SPY, and AAPL... Best for daytrading options in this market IMO... Not much else worth paying attention to.

    Facebook could have been a potential new high volatility daytrader but it died...
  3. Futures options...a plus is you get around the "daytrading" rules
  4. oh i love that... futures options don't have daytrader account requirements... thats right! my account is below 25 k..
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    Yeah but how do you get around those awful Futures/Option spreads??? are they still worth it?
  6. Futures options spreads are not worth it... Much better to just trade SPY options. If you can't daytrade them just swing them for a few days at a time on good trade setups.

    AAPL is still great trading even if the indices are dead.
  7. Looking for jumps at opex
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    Yeah I have been focusing on the /ES and SPY but AAPL looks a bit easier to navigate is this so?
  9. NOTHING is easy to navigate.. close your eyes till all you can see is blurry light.. thats about all you can know.. haha half kidding.. aapl is just another high priced strike crosser thats all.. Goog is another..
  10. actually I don't have a problem with them, perhaps its because I've had a lot of practice with the SPX MM's! It does get dicy if you are far OTM and trying to roll a put or call...but so far it has been easier than trading the SPX options . Just have to keep an eye on your margin and greeks.

    Also CD anyone can trade and make money (on futures options) on less than 25K...I deliberately keep less than that in an account and pull the cash out on a regular basis to keep it small.
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