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  1. Can somebody comment on any of the following newsletters/websites? Worth subscribing? Has anyone tried them??

    - IBD (
    - Dick Davis Digest (
    -The Kelly Letter (
    -The Outlook Online (www.spoutlook)
    -Outstanding Investor Digest (

    Anything else?

    I am trying to select a source for my daily reading to catch up on market news etc. and would like to select 1-2 good sources. Please give me your comments. thanks a lot!:)
  2. OID had some very nice stuff but it stopped being updated a while ago. Notice how the "latest edition" is March 2009. I have heard on the grapevine that the guy running it has basically stopped updating it for the time being. So, I would be cautious about paying for any subscription until it gets back into business and delivers say 3 or more proper updates. It's a shame because I think it was a decent service when it was running.

    IBD is a bit like a momentum-trader's version of the WSJ. I found them to be good for one thing - telling you what the obvious hot momentum-trader's favourite stocks are, and keeping you up to date on news about them. That is great if you actively trade or "invest" in momentum stock favourites with PEs of 50 or 100+. Personally I can find that just looking at a simple stock screen by checking on relative strength, new 52 week highs, and % gains over the last 3/6/12 months, so I don't see much point in it. Their overall market and economic analysis is just like anything else - background noise, maybe useful for getting a bit of colour, and maybe generating the occasional idea worth researching. I subscribed for 1 year but didn't renew. I would give it a try and see if you like it or not.

    I don't have any experience of the other letters.
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    So Mr. Captain Obvious, your grapevine info is exactly the same what anyone can notice anyway. :)
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I have been looking at IBD, so far I like it, but who knows, it may change..

    What about other newsletters< Jason Kelly's and Dick Davis'? Anyone?
  5. A friend of mine who's a local Chicago trader writes a pretty credible newsletter which advises predominantly on ES trading. it offers entries, exits & stop placement ideas.

    It's better than most newsletters out there and i've read a few....

    if anyone wants a sample, PM me and i'll forward you his contact info.


    EDIT: I would add that another good newsletter would be MF Global Research's EQUITIES report, from Nick K.

    IMHO, these two newsletters are topps.
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    MF Global seems to put out some good reads. Btw, pm sent!:)