good old-fashioned squeeze today??!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GreenDog, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. it's 2:30 EST -- how bout a good old fashioned short squeeze today!! we'll see

    TICK, TRIN looking more and more bullish
  2. weakening:(:p
  3. This time it´s more like a long squeeze ...
  4. Oh boy, that's when I shorted, I am glad I did not read your little advice. No, they were pretty bearish in 1 min charts.
  5. There was a clear bearish Tick divergence @ 2:30 in 1 min charts, with Tick weakening by upper BB and Trin by lower BB. There was a greater chance for ES to go down rather than up, that's why I shorted.
  6. Anyone know of a good place to get good TRIN info/quotes?
  7. And 1 min stochastics was also bearishly divergent, but that's what you expect to see when Tick is divergent with the price. Not to mention that my favorite mechanical system was short since 877.5 and when it's short I try not to go long. Just covered @858.0, 5.5 pts ain't bad.
  8. you're an absolute genius!!

    I don't think you're really as... uhh... stupid as you appear (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt:cool:

    That wasn't "advice" -- maybe you ought to go back and re-read the post. Simply musing about the possibility of a squeeze is not regarded as a "super-super-strong buy" recommendation, particularly when followed by a post that mentioned weakness.

    Do you generally follow "advice" posted on messageboards?? Yikes.

    By the way, TICK was at about 250 and rising when that post was made. Yes, it quickly reversed at just above 300 shortly after that.

    You seem like a fun guy there, wally:eek:

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  9. just read your recent post.

    maybe you ought to start

    ... you could devote the site to telling people how great you are!!

    sign me up, wally!!

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