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    Does anyone know of a payed good newsletter with recommendations for medium term (1 day-10 day trades) and longer term (2 weeks plus) for futures and futures options.

    Or do you know where I might find such a newsletter?

    Any suggestion


  2. not sure if you saw my thread Best Trading day ever this afternoon but i am getting very good selections from newsletter which i mentioned in the thread.

    as far as time, not sure, i like to exit eod...i haven't tested their system for longer term traders so can't answer to that. anyone else?

    i can't even remember the last time i held a stock overnight....
  3. oops just reread your msg -- you're looking for futures. please ignore my msg, that was for stocks.... yes i'm tired and need sleep.

    dan zanger's site has a partner that does futures, stan somebody. if you go to his site, and hit All stars, you['ll go to that. supposedly v good, free trial, etc. so you can see for yourself.
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    If you have no idea if the newsletter is worth it's ink, why post the name?

  5. Because Dan Zanger picked him and is associating himself with the newsletter and Zanger is very well respected. Only reason.... and he himself is quite well-known. I just have never tried it out for myself since i don't trade futures.
  6. try this

    i beleive is $125 per month :)
  7. Xtreme


    Thanks guys.

    Is there anyothers I should check out?

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  9. lol, i actually did not until now but will use it from now on. tx for bringing to my attention.
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