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Discussion in 'Politics' started by tampa, Jan 20, 2003.

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    I just found out something that should please all of our young war studs!

    The Army will take you up to the age of 31 - yes, no longer do you have to sit on a message board telling everyone how important war with Iraq is, while doing nothing yourself, because you are too old.

    Did you hear that aphie, danial, and so many others?

    If indeed America is at risk, in peril, or worse, no longer do you just have to cheer for the men in uniform - you can actually be one!

    No longer do you have to shake your fist in anger at the war protesters - now you can show them what you are really made of. You can show them just how serious the situation really is by putting on a uniform, and truly defending our country.

    Isn't that good news?

    I suspect that it's awful news. Because while you bastards cheer the nation on to war, while you look the other way as fine men and women sacrifice for what they believe to be in the best interest of America, all you and your kind do is mouth off, with little or no concern for the outcome. Encouraging a cause, encouraging a war you do not believe in.

    You are a sad, pathetic lot - and it is more then time to call a spade a spade.
  2. Try to find a good psychiatrist there is a chance he might help you.
  3. After that hole I saw in NY with my own eyes, I'm game for war.

  4. I was near World Trade that day (worked one block away at Bright Trading) since then I am not inclined to hear muslim radicals and playing along with them ignorant liberals.
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    ...funny how you guys always find the suggestion that you go fight the fight yourselves to be so ridiculous...
  6. I'm over that age, Tampa. BTW, I already served in the Army and was willing and ready to fight if the call came.

    You see, when you VOLUNTARILY join the military, you go in knowing there's a possibility that you may have to do what you spend day in and day out training to do: go to war. It's not all lobsters for dinner and fabulous pay, you know. :D
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    My wife's ex-boyfriend's dad is in the Israeli army on duty. He is 96. He did his tour (two weeks) fixing antennas, but he is so good at it they asked him to extend his stay for two more weeks.

    I don't know why there is an age limit...

  8. They don't let you retire early ...
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    nitro :D