Good news from France: Anti immigrant/Muslim party Front National poised for victory

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Mar 29, 2011.

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  2. Anti jewish, anti American and they don't even get a long with each other for any politically significant period of time.
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    The world is waking up to the Islam menace.
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    Yeah, but is it too late already?
  5. I think Jean Marie was anti jewish, not the entire FN. Marine has specifically said that she is in no way anti jewish. Under normal circumstances perhaps I'd doubt that. However, she hasn't budged on any of her many other non PC views. So why would she just lie about just one, when she's perfectly honest about being anti muslim, etc?

    Certainly, the biggest stain on the party lies in the fact that they were favored by some supporters of Vichy regime. While I think that's a very valid criticism, the only party who is willing to do something about the invasion in France is FN. The Sarko will just talk shit in whatever direction the wind is blowing, just like the Tories, Merkel, etc. The FN is the only French party who will actually do something about the most pressing issue France is facing, and for that reason, they are the best for France. Any pro western person should support them for that reason. They don't want to kick jews out of France, they don't want to kick Americans out of France. They DO want to get as many Muslims as possible out of France.

    In fact, the description of FN as "far right" is really an absurd misnomer in itself. It seems anyone who is anti-3rd world immigration these days is smeared as "far right", even if all their other policies are very centrist or even lean decisively left.

    I understand the criticism of some anti immigration parties, that some of the members or even MPs were at one time somehow associated with fascist movements. There are, however, some notable exceptions. For example the Danish People's Party, or the PVV. Wilders for example could be considered relatively main stream, highly anti immigrant, and has no history of being supportive of any fascist party. The Sverigedemokraterna has jewish support and membership. The BNP has jewish members, even a jewish MP...

    The reason I support these parties is not because of their economic platform or their ideas for social programs. It's for one reason specifically: they are the only ones who will do whatever they can to minimize or eliminate 3rd world immigration to occidental nations, and possibly remove as many 3rd worlders as possible. That is becoming more and more a common desire of mainstream Europeans, now that the real effects of 3rd world immigration are becoming more apparent. I feel that, to a large degree, these parties are gaining steam because the main stream policticians are pissing in the wind, and their platitudes have begun to be exposed for the empty lies that they most likely are. So, the rise of these "far right" parties is really their own fault.

  6. Well, I do. I care about the west in general. France did help America procure independence and their Revolution was based on many of the same principals as ours. I have as many criticisms of France as anyone else, but the fact is that there are very few nations on Earth that we have more in common with.

    Western nations share some very unique problems and threats these days, both internally and externally. France and the US are positioned similarly in many ways.

  7. Yes. Now why don't you go find a thread to post on that matters ghandi... LOL!!!

  8. |Looking at the numbers the FN has been in decline since the mid 1990's, they do however have the occasional coup at the polls. The FN is pretty much held back by deep divisions within its ranks with many in rural areas not fully behind the current leaders policies. In short they are not going anywhere fast. Just to correct you the BNP has as yet not had an MP but you are referring to Patricia Richardson who won a council seat and as far as known not a practicing Jew or has any connection to the community, knowing BNP members and one organizer I can assure you that anti-semitic beliefs are widely held.
  9. I meant council seat, sorry, I'm more familiar with our colonist political parlance :) , thanks for correcting me though.

    Certainly she's not a "practicing jew", but I'm sure you're aware that most jews are not "practicing jews", very similar to most catholics. I agree that there are antisemitic attitudes in the BNP, but there are also such sentiments in both the Tories and even moreso in the Labor these days... I don't think the BNP can in any way claim to have a political monopoly on antisemitism. Besides, Griffin himself has said that the BNP is probably the most pro-Israel party in the UK. In any case, every political movement has it's share of kooks. It's not that I'm particularly fond of the entire BNP platform, it's that they are the ONLY party, besides maybe the fringe EDL, that I believe is serious about ending 3rd world immigration and removing as many 3rd worlders as reasonably possible. Now that it's effects are starting to become unbearable, many main stream parties are now pissing in the direction of the wind in hopes to garner favor with the masses. Yet if they act as they always have, they will do nothing about the problems. The BNP is the only party I believe would act and would produce results instead of excuses.

    Now, given there are certainly some stupid jew conspiracy theorists in the ranks of the BNP supporters who believe all kinds of elaborate tales about how jews control the (very anti zionists, and at times, blatantly anti jewish) BBC, or how the jews control the immigration policy of the UK, even some who believe that the Holocaust didn't occur. Certainly those conspiracy theories are stupid and sure, those guys are idiots, but who are you more worried about? Some fringe jew conspiracy kooks or the hordes of 3rd worlders sponging up jobs and public resources, who are hostile to your culture, customs, and people?


  10. .:) for a brief moment there, i thought you were going to tell him '' fuck you too '' :D
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