Good news for ugly liberal women

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  1. How the media affects women? Are they joking? The only women the media is attacking are conservative women. What a crock of crapola.

    Government to the rescue: Saving young women from low self body image

    Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) and Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) have teamed with actress Geena Davis and the Girl Scouts of America to introduce and promote the Healthy Media for Youth Act, a bill to facilitate research on how the media affects women, create a grant program for youth empowerment groups and establish a National Taskforce on Women and Girls in the Media to set standards ”that promote healthy, balanced, and positive images of girls and women.”

    It’s not that I’m not sympathetic to the problem. I just don’t think it’s the government’s role to solve it. By all means, Ms. Hagan and Ms. Baldwin, feel free in your free time (i.e. not on the taxpayers’ dime!) to lobby advertisers, TV and movie producers, magazine editors and others to feature “healthier” images of women. Buy Dove products to reward their “Real Beauty” campaign. Give speeches to middle school girls. Or, copy First Lady Michele Obama and conspicuously order high-calorie shakes so anybody watching knows it’s OK to be less-than-skinny (just not OK to be obese!).

    However well-intentioned, this sort of legislation — just like recently proposed voluntary guidelines for marketing food to children — misses the mark. It reflects a kind of utopianism, a naive faith in the power of government to solve problems and a surprising absolution of parents and guardians, who bear ultimate responsibility for what media children are allowed to consume.
  2. Completely agree! This is a social problem that government just can't solve. Its not as if Congress can waive their wand and say "And then women were equal!"

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