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Discussion in 'Forex' started by blufftrader, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. could anyone tell me a good news feed for forex trading and prices and what makes them work well thank you
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    and while your at it ---tell me if someone has a good squawk box for Forex.
  3. I like IFRmarkets. But someone here will undoutably post after me on how they suck for some inane reason.
  4. This thread should really be titled, Opaqueness in the Forex Markets...

    Categories would include:

    Absence of news feeds
    Absence of demostrable order flow
    Absence of daily Opening Range
    Absence of reliable charts

    Absence of profitability.

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    Ivan, i wonder if your IFRmarkets feed is different than the one provided for free by FXCM ?

  6. It is the same content but presented slightly differently.

    I like the IFR feed but would regard it as more a commentary service than a news feed ie it comments on what has moved markets and why rather than splash the headline and let you make your own call.
  7. right im not looking for something that has happened looking for up to date news and alert is IFR a squawk box or just headlines on your screen which would you recommend
  8. Yes fscm headlines lag right i just opend an account with them but i think they use bloomberg at there office which release news before other news feed do but its pricey i think are there any other options?
  9. IFR has a squawk box. And I don't think it's the same as the free version, though I suppose I should check on that. Why would they offer something for free they charge clients for?
  10. It works good as a signal service too. Everytime they go short, it is usually time to take a long position and vice-versa.
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