Good News coming from Centcom...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GreenDog, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. according to Rumsfeld (4 PM PST).

    ES reacting instantly. Just went long.
  3. nice little play for 5 minutes. News on DJ newswire says POW rescued.

    Don't usually make silly plays like this but just came back from a run and sat down at my desk -- heard Fox News talking about "significant news coming from CentCom", glanced at the ES climbing, and decided to make a quick play.

    Glad I clipped it quick to lock in the $$ -- looks like it's headed back down!!
  4. Ebo


    I shorted 'em to you at 865!
  5. more like "856"

    (would've been tough to lock in a profit w/ a long at 865):p
  6. thanks GreenDog...

    not a futures trader in past years, but did a little this year and since I have front month strangles on equities and indexes... I might take a small shot.

    What's your entry?
  7. It seems like we should always check the other stations before reacting to the FOX hype.
  8. this was not a long term play for me -- heard the quick blurb, went long, then flipped it 4-5 minutes later. Hype as thick as pea soup.

    I have a quick trigger finger these days!:cool:
  9. was going to hold overnight ES.... after GreenDog noted the "positive" news and they attackd Baghdad

    Oh well... maybe prudence was the better part of valor, maybe.

    Or maybe not!

    GreenDog.... any thoughts on not holding your longs?