Good News! Bible spared "indecent" classification

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  1. HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong's media regulator has rejected calls to reclassify the Bible as an indecent publication following more than 2,000 complaints about its sexual and violent content, including rape and incest.

    "The Bible is a religious text which is part of civilization. It has been passed from generation to generation," Hong Kong's Television and Licensing Authority (TELA) said in a statement issued late Thursday.

    It said it would not submit the Bible to the Obscene Articles Tribunal for classification.;_ylt=AqIMX1Qx3SUqGVbcfjIRmGoL1vAI
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    Yes, soon the Bible will broadly be declared Hate Speech - punishable by incarceration.

    Already happening in Canada and the US.

    Welcome to your Brave New World, friend.

    The thought police spare no quarter against Constitutionalists or candid Christians.

    We hang together or we'll hang alone.
  3. Why on earth would you be concerned about thought police, when all your suggesting is they might "ban" (ludicrous, wont happen) a book which categorically tells you precisely how your supposed to live, all the time, on pain of death, torture, mutilation and/or eternal damnation?

    Surely you can see a logical flaw there.
  4. achilles28


    Free Speech is Free Speech, friend.

    You start censoring one type of speech and you've just set the precedent to censor all types of 'unsavory' speech.

    Its there for our own protection.

    You break that law, then the Thought Police get to redefine it in their own image.

    And soon, they wont be coming after Fear Mongering Christians, it'll be anyone who doesn't' tow the Facist line.

    Add a dash of Wartime in there, and we've got ourselves a problem.
  5. Ah, well thats the difference, im unconvinced anything really resembling free speech is in force.
    Call me a moonbat if you will, but its my assesment overwhelming cencorship is in place, and always has been.

    Dumb speech is allowed, mouthpeice journo's and fundamentalist nutjobs, but its not my opinion the american obsession with it is ultimately THAT productive-that may just be due to the advent of truly commercial multimedia , but i doubt it.
    When everyones talking, everyone has to talk louder, and the loudest wins, al la oreilly.

    You have "free speech", but like anywhere, only up to the point where it might actually make a difference.

    Of course your right in principle, this story is from hong kong? China managed it, sure. But i would be as uncomfortable with an evangelical born again , a beleiver in judgement day /armageddon etc, with the best access to fallout shelters in the world, in charge of the football, too.

    I guess its all relative.

  6. achilles28


    Well, you just hit the nail on the head:

    Thats why Kennedy was assassinated, and why many others with influence (like Ron Paul) are smeared in the public arena for voicing earnest concerns about the direction of our Country.

    That standing, why censor whats left of our free speech because its not fully respected to begin with?

    That would injure us more, not less.
  7. Sure, why not fight over a bygone dream of freedom (the constitution) .

    But thats the trick, you never had those freedoms-they nearly exterminated the mormons, indians subject to wholesale christianisation or die campaigns, most of the "free" world hasnt actually been free at all, because christianity held absolute sway over every aspect of peoples lives for hundreds of years now, a defacto international government, defacto, in effect, law.

    Which is why i have no time for it, i dont see" freedom of religion", as necessarilly a good thing, for the simple reason most mainstream religions are entirely exclusionist, entirely dogmatic, and completely and entirely opposed, at the most basic level, TO freedom of thought, much less speech.

    If they can brainwash enough people, they hold incredible power-last time i checked , the catholic church was still among the largest landowners on the planet, for example.

    Theres a bible in nearly every hotel room.

    But there aint no copy of hustler there, huh.
    Or popular mechanics, for that matter.

    So when you examine what freedoms you actually have, in practice, personally- i would not start with a bible and a mental- prison cell as something at the top of my list.

    Jmo, and i agree, why let them take away anything if you can manage it.
  8. achilles28


    You make a lot of valid points.

    First, many Americans fervently disagree and consciously act and exercise their Constitutional Rights everyday. There is a great number.

    That said, I believe there is a greater number who, like you, believe their Rights symbolize a rhetorical past that for better or worse, has little relevance in todays world.

    But that transition - from one of belief and action, to one of apathy and deference - followed a predictable and steady path.

    Sometime ago, the American People succumbed to inaction and yielded their Constitutional Rights to Government.

    They did this because they felt it 'Patriotic'.

    This complacency and habitual inaction soon breed the belief that these Constitutional Rights weren't as powerful as we were led to believe. No one used them and the Government kept taking them.

    We threw in the towel.

    But the truth is - those Rights still exist. And they are as much ours today as they were 200 years ago when the Constitution was first passed!!

    Those Rights lay dormant in the mind of America.

    When the American People wake up to their Birth Right and RECLAIM what is theirs, there is no turning back.

    The abridged version - we have fooled ourselves into believing a lie.
  9. achilles28


    About Religion.

    Yes, but. :)

    Religion doesn't have nearly the strangle hold on Civilization it once did.

    Contemporary Christianity has been beaten back to the periphery, and in my view, doesn't represent much of a threat to the Western World.

    Do I think organized religion - particular Christian Catholicism - is a driving force for good in more impressionable countries (third world)?

    No. Its a sham. I think the entire Catholic Church is predicated on a fraud, engineered to enslave and manufacture power.

    Try not to let your distaste for the Sins of Christianity poison your view of Free Speech.

    Free Speech is the forest. Not the trees.

    Its a much bigger idea than the Zealot Fundamentalist on the corner.
  10. Maybe, but your looking at it from a specifically american perspective.
    Effective political action is a matter of money, period, always has been .

    As far as standing up for things go, you wont know how bad the situation really is until you've tried it, and im not talking about joining a G11 protest.

    By all means try, but if after a few years you find your wasting your time completely, or have been subject to other unforseen personal ramifications, via the standard methods of goon squad enforcement, then i would be amazed.

    Best of luck though, if your not an idealist in some regard, then your dead inside i figure, or you might as well be.

    edit-just saw the extra reply-nothing much to add, except it clearly isnt on the periphery of anything, when presidents make photo opps of bible totin-ness, let alone claim they talk to god-or derive a big hit of there vote from said groups.

    Free speech-hmm, i would say its the tree that will crush you unexpectedly, rather than the forest itself.
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