Good news, 50,000 jobs to be added in one day.

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    This announcement from McDonald's is just the latest sign of an improving job market. On Friday, the U.S. government announced a gain of 216,000 jobs in March, pushing the unemployment rate down to 8.8%, its lowest level in two years

    Flipping burgers,Cleaning toilets for Minimum wage. Welcome to McJob america. Where young adults graduate from college with 80K in non dischargeable debt to work at a McJob.

    Our new service economy is adding jobs!!
  2. Servitude, sort of like back in the colonial days.

    Most of these kids will never escape that debt.
  3. A friend of mine graduated from college 15 years ago from the University of Wisconsin with his Master's in Business. He had a rough time finding a job due to taking care of his wife who was injured in an automobile accident. He took a job working for McDonald's to just make ends meet.

    Fast forward 15 years, he and his wife own 8 McDonald's restaurants and 4 great kids. They are in the process of breaking ground on 5- 20 unit apartment buildings close to a small college and they own 10 single family homes they use for rentals.

    The problem is that when kids graduate from college they feel they "expect" to be handed a high paying position to immediately cover their educational costs. Work ethic isn't taught in school which is a shame. It isn't servitude, it is simply making the best of a bad situation. Kids today want to give up too quickly. That is part of the problem today in all business environments.
  4. From an ad.

    start out as crew and own your own restaurant = 50%

    75% of those who became managers own their own restaurant.
  5. Correct!
  6. Question.

    From an investment perspective. Ya think MCD will still be trading in 20 years? How about WMT?
  7. I do but the menu will be entirely different.
  8. Interesting.

    Padonnoiz moi, sometimes I go off on a tangent but perhaps we'll "inhale" our Big Mac in the future.

    riboflavin, folic acid, enzymes)
    – water
    – high fructose corn syrup
    – sugar
    – soybean oil and/or partially hydrogenated soybean oil
    – salt
    – calcium sulfate
    – calcium carbonate
    – wheat gluten
    – ammonium sulfate
    – ammonium chloride
    – sodium stearoyl lactylate *
    – datem *
    – ascorbic acid*
    – azodicarbonamide*
    – mono- and diglycerides*
    – ethoxylated monoglycerides*
    – monocalcium phosphate*
    – enzymes*
    – guar gum*
    – calcium peroxide*
    – soy flour*
    – calcium propionate (preservative)
    – sodium propionate (preservative)
    – soy lecithin
    – sesame seed.

    * indicates: dough conditioner

    – Soybean oil
    – pickle relish (which is made of:)
    – diced pickles
    – high fructose corn syrup
    – sugar
    – vinegar
    – corn syrup
    – salt
    – calcium chloride
    – xanthan gum
    – potassium sorbate (preservative)
    – spice extractives
    – polysorbate 80
    – distilled vinegar
    – water
    – egg yolks
    – high fructose corn syrup
    – onion powder
    – mustard seed
    – salt
    – spices
    – propylene glycol alginate
    – sodium benzoate (preservative)
    – mustard bran
    – sugar
    – garlic powder
    – vegetable protein (hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat) – fancy name for MSG
    – caramel color
    – extractives of paprika
    – soy lecithin
    – turmeric (color)
    – calcium disodium EDTA (protect flavor).

    Mnnnnn... I wonder if we smoked a Big Mac if it would pass the carcinogenic smoke test from the EPA.
  9. so everybody who starts at mcds can own 8 mcds

    that would be about 4 mcds on every block in america.

    there only so much room for owners, which is declining along with the income of the consumer.
  10. Things still are POSSIBLE for those few that get lucky, are sharp enough, flexible enough to adapt and work hard, but I think its a lot less likely than it once was that you'll make it.

    Indentured Servitude was what it was called...
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