Good movies you may not have heard of

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  1. Spydertrader's comment in the movie thread about Suicide Kings got me thinking about a few other good flicks that flew under the radar.

    Off the top of my head, two Val Kilmer films come to mind that I thought were pretty good:

    Spartan (2004) & The Salton Sea (2002)

    Both are worth the rental.


    The Limey w/Terence Stamp (1999)

    Sexy Beast (2000) - w/Ben Kingsley playing a British hoodlum so foul, you can't believe this is the guy who won an Oscar for Gandhi.
  2. I really liked Salton Sea.

    Sexy Beast had some good moments

    One I liked that got brown helmeted was Suspect Zero.
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    All of these flew under the radar of the general populace, but all are fine films:

    Adaptation (Spike Jonze's follow-up to "Being John Malkovich")
    Big Lebowski (little seen Coen Bros film that has since become a cult fave)
    Dark City (Alex Proyas' follow-up to "The Crow", Ebert's #1 film of 1998)
    Eve's Bayou (Ebert's #1 film of 1997)
    Falling Down (one of Michael Douglas' best and least seen)
    Grand Canyon (long before "Crash")
    High Fidelity (great music, Jack Black becomes a star, stunning actress Iben Hjejle)
    K-Pax (cult fave, perfect Kevin Spacey)
    Memento (has turned into big cult fave, but general population doesn't have a clue)
    Pi (same description as "Memento")
    Round Midnight (possibly the best Jazz film ever made)
    What Dreams May Come (explores themes rarely touched, practically unknown serious Robin Williams film)
    Wild Bill (superb Jeff Bridges, one of the best westerns ever made)
  4. I liked Spartan. I'm a fan of David Mamet movies. After seeing one of his movies, I tend to talk like one of his characters for a few days. Really pisses the wife off.

    A few others sleepers that I really liked:

    Chungking Express
    Any Krzysztof Kieslowski movie (Red, White, Blue, Decalogue etc...).
    The Door In The Floor (Jeff Bridges deserved more recognition for his role in this).
    Slingblade (not really a sleeper, but a great movie)

    Also really liked Sexy Beast and The Limey.

    Edit: ditto to Memento and High Fidelity
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    You have to give credit to whoever thought of this one....

    "Life is a house"....with kevin kline..
  6. Gotta add this one:

    Leon, a.k.a. The Professional (1994)

    Gary Oldman at his maniacal best. The scene where he pops some pills just prior to slaughtering a family is classic.
  7. City of Lost Children
    Like Terry Gilliam but French. My favorite movie.

    Cold Blooded
    Jason Priestly as reluctant hitman. Fun, oddball, indie.
  8. Great call.....that movie f*cking rocked.
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    The Dogs of War with Christopher Walken and Tom Berringer.

    Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford.
  10. Yeah, it's one of my faves.

    A few more came to mind:

    Gangster No. 1 (2000) - w/Malcolm McDowell and Paul Bettany. Chilling.

    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003)- dark revenge story.

    Layer Cake (2004) - in the style of Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

    Carlito's Way (1993) - Pacino at it again, w/Sean Penn terrific as a sleazy lawyer.
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