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  1. been using a pair of microsoft intellimouse explorers for a couple of years...

    works great...

    you notice an erratic pointer movement long before the batteries die...

    so far never died mid trade....
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  3. I 3rd that... I got the MX laser.. incredible mouse, even works on my hardwood desk.

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  4. jjme007


    I have 2 laser MS 6000 mice – one for the right hand and the other for the left. The left is for a 2 screen display system the right for a 1 screen system and corresponding 2 keyboards, one above the other (one keyboard is on a sliding tray and the other on the table.) With this setup I rarely have memory lapses as to which computer I’m on. I have run the cords for the mice under the desk hung on plastic ties, such that for all intents and purposes they are cordless to me. I tried a cordless optical mouse, but it was not precise enough particularly with a 3D rendering program I run, and I was obliged to return it. I cannot comment on a cordless laser mouse since I have not bought one. I learnt to use my left hand when my right hand became too painful for operating a mouse (graphic software is very mouse intensive although I could use a Pen & Board). I think I am slightly faster now with my left hand, and both hands are pain free. The MS 6000 is a 5 button mouse with enough features to satisfy most nearly anyone. It’s also ambidextrous design and a key reason I bought it. The chief advantage of laser over optical is laser you can use on shiny surface while optical is quite fussy about the surface.
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