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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by patch227, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. My preference is the Cirque Glidepoint Touchpad, which is guaranteed for life and no moving parts.
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  2. I've been using a Microsoft wireless optical mouse daily for about a year with no problems. I'll never go back to a corded mouse. That being said, I do keep a corded mouse handy in the event the wireless suddenly dies.
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  3. If you have trouble with wrist pain etc then by all means go to the 3M ergonomic mouse. Looks like a joystick, takes about 3 days to get used to but.... you'll never go back, especially for trading. No more accidental firing, err clicking :), while hovering over the buy / sell icon.

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  4. I would highly recommend a laser mouse or at least an optical one. My preference is wireless over wired just because my desk is a mess and this is the least I can do to clean things up.

    I personally use a Microsoft wireless mouse but I just make sure that I don't run out of power. Happened to me one time in a trade then my mouse just died.

    Look at this one:

    pretty good mouse with Battery indicator
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  5. cscott


    I have used a Dell cordless mouse and cordless keyboard(made by Logitech) for almost 3 years with no problems. This mouse is much more responsive than a corded mouse. I'll never go back to a corded mouse. However, I also keep extra batteries on hand for my mouse(even though batteries last a month or more), and keep a corded mouse plugged in so that I can change in a moment's notice.
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  6. Andriy


    I would also like to echo the positive comments regarding cordless mice. I use the Logitech G7 Cordless Laser Mouse and have found it to be absolutely phenomenal. Have had no issues whatsoever.
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  7. gnome


    I prefer corded... Logitech MX518.

    If you use a Mouse Bungee, you won't have to drag a cord across the desktop. Or, you can just tape a loop of the mouse cord to a coffee cup where you can keep your pens... it will feel like a cordless without having to fuss with batteries.
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  8. Do they have a left handed version of that one?...I have always wanted one, but the contour is for a right handed person. You always have all the kewl stuff...

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  9. gnome


    Probably not, but you could check the Logitech website.
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  10. In fact, this may have nothing to do with your mouse. Pains like this could also creep further up to your neck and back.

    Try to manipulate your mouse with your elbow ALWAYS resting on some kind of support, like a chair with extended armrests or so.
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