Good morning shorts. No , that burning smell

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  1. is your bankroll, not the toast.
  2. are you familiar with the famous last words phenomenon?
  3. You were saying?

    With all the fools and paper traders here talking crash, you knew weeks ago this was gonna happen.

    At least I did, but I no longer pass my wisdom on to the ingrates.
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    Shorts should not be worried since the market falls twice as fast as it rises, these last 500 points in the dow can be erased in 2 days if need be.

    Volume is not there and I just wish I could find a catalyst for the next 3000-4000 dow points without any stimulus involved.
  5. I am not saying what you think I am saying. I am saying that being vociferously arrogant about the continuation of the previous trend tends to happen at major trend change points. I am not saying bulls are going to get vaporized. Although truth be told i suspect that will happen soon.
  6. The low volume is eerily similar to the rally in April before the big correction...and like every test of the 200-day MA since then.

    Don't be fooled by the major indices holding (with dear life) above their 200-day MAs for a few days. Smart money should be shorting soon. I don't know how many more headlines they can come up with to keep spurring this on, either ("there were only 100,000 jobs lost, not 120,000 like we thought" "China just purchased a one-third stake in the EU and California...overseas markets are booming and pre-market futures are up again," etc.)
  7. New highs, you were saying?

    I notice everyone says they are bearish, but never post their mark to market losses.

    Guess paper traders are exempt.
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    Im down today, have alot more shorts on now than longs, about 3/4 of my long positions have profits though that I refuse to take until probably tomorrow.

    Bought more SSG at $18.40 and TWM around $20.00.

    Today if the market closes higher that will be 8 out of 9 up days, there should be some profit taking sooner than later in my opinion.
  9. Market down ??? Short seller, why not just admit you are wrong and cut the loss.

    Look at last week, we don't have many good news, but you know what, market just ignore and keep on rally, why fight the trend ? Why try to understand the reason behind the rally (and give yourself some phony reason saying the market will reverse soon) ? Making $$ is always the first priority rather than asking why and try to be outsmart the market force ! :D
  10. that's really good to have someone like you on the other side of the trade - who doesn't have even slighetst idea about market moves, refuses to take profits and thinks 2 weeks short sqeeze is a trend
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