Good Morning, Aztlan!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DeepFried, May 21, 2007.

  1. Lindsey Graham says that if you oppose the immigration bill, you're a bigot.

    Oh well. Any country that repeatedly re-elects people like Lindsey Graham, Jack Murtha, Chuck Hagel, Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy is too dumb to go on living.

  2. LT701


    well, as long as i'm already a bigot, i'd like to say that Lindey looks and talks like a homo
  3. Bingo! I bet that Lindsey Graham's exploits make Mark Foley look like, well, I'll leave it at that . . .
  4. LT701


    bet he got a lot of 3 dollar contributions to his campaign
  5. Lindsey Graham will be a one term senator. He is Chuck Hagel lite as in lightweight. Of course, he is only following the lead of his president, who said the Minutemen were vigilantes.
  6. LT701


    more like lite in the loafers

    if i saw him in a restroom, i'd leave and 'go' later