good morals = happy relations & life. Test your morals now

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    Many aspects of personality are controlled by morality. As a result, most behaviors are infl uenced by moral motives. Many conflicts and misunderstanding! s origin ate due to the differences people have in the levels of their morality. On our part we want to show you this through a quiz rather than simply telling you about these things

    Good morals will lead you to good relations with others and eventually a happy life.

    8 questions ~ 8 minutes

    Take this morals test now and then tell us your opinion
  2. Hi Boo,

    First day here and voila, a moral check. Everyone is of the utnost highest moral standards @ ET. We are happy relations as you will notice the emoticons on the left side no one ever uses the "unhappy" face.

    Btw i would have taken the test but there is flowers on that web page and I have allegies.
  3. maxpi


    86%, I'm a sucker for online tests...
  4. booikh


  5. I got 13, i hate your 'master of morons'
  6. booikh


    He is Master of Morals
    you are what you said
  7. Lucrum


    Scored 83

    I was wondering throughout the test who generated it since English is obviously not their first language.

    Turns out the whole test is pro Islam/Mohammad propaganda.

    As is human nature they point out and emphasize the points that support their agenda and preconceived notions while ignoring anything that contradicts what they want to believe.
  8. Lucrum


    Being a follower of Mohammad shouldn't you forgive and embrace your enemy instead of insulting him?

    Apparently you don't even believe your own bullshit, you just just think you do.
  9. booikh


    i didn't insulted him
    i said he is like what he said
    he as a polite trader shouldn't say such words for others
  10. maxpi


    If you were saying that out loud would it be with a wave of the hand as if the person was utterly unimportant to you [and therefore nothing if collateral damage in a bombing] or would you say it with a frown of disapproval [and therefore a target for a bombing]?
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