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  1. For the less than ten people here who are

    a) committed to free markets, and
    b) aren't kneejerk anti-Muslim idiots, and
    c) are able to deal with complexity,

    there is a place out there that deals with the Middle East in all its complexity while keeping a jaundiced eye on all its stupidities: Aqoul
    Take it from a long time (as in right from the beginning and before) commenter on that site: do not go there with your stupid ass cliche views and expect to get any mercy. Unlike this cesspool, those people have a brain, and like me, they have no patience at all for those who don't.
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    Your self-righteousness precedes you.

    It's to ignore with you, 3foil.
  3. Likewise.
  4. A legend in his own mind, LOL.
  5. What made you think that this forum has any people with stupid ass cliche views??? :D :D :D

    It is a very good blog though.
  6. I'm...crestfallen.
    You may now go back to such soaring examples of ET intelligence as:

    1) Obama lost Egypt, or
    2) When do we bomb Egypt? or
    3) Muslim Brotherhood Prepares for War on Israel

    Truly intelligent shit like this.
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    I will say this, he's operating a blog, not a forum, and he gets to pre-approve all comments, or at least unilaterally delete them, right?
  8. wilburbear's Wisner thread is the only intelligent thread on this board re this situation. The rest of the stuff on here re Egypt is either silly or stupid.
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    Translation: MY opinion is the ONLY possible correct OPINION and anyone who doesn't see it my way MUST be a red stater red neck tea bagging conservative who hates homos.

    Here's my opinion/solution for the middle east, enjoy.[1].swf
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