Good Markets to Trade Off US Hours

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lpchad, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. lpchad


    Looking for suggestions on markets to trade outside of US hours. This would be for guys like me that still have a 9-5. Should I consider non-US markets? Maybe look into the HSI?

    I have considered futures on Globex but not sure about the liquidity in the evening. Gets a little thin at times.

  2. jtr3


    I am in the same boat and actually get up early and trade FESX ( ) when I have the later shift. I have also started looking into Fx. Fx and its price spreads are a little weird to get used to.
  3. You should only be trading CME Group products.

    Go to the website and explore to your hearts content.

    The Japanese Yen and EuroFX are e-mini's are two products that come to mind, that you can trade successfully during the non 9 to 5 hours.
  4. Some folks seem to like KOSPI 200. I can't trade through IB so that's out. Forex/currency futures are thin until London open.
  5. Actually, the Japanese Yen has decent volume at the Asian open, which is why I mentioned it.
  6. Actually these arent mini's. They have mini versions of these products but volume is pretty thin. Still a good product to trade, but since its not a mini the margin is gererally higher then say the ES.
  7. Not with a real futures broker... same margins for 6E or 6Y as ES

    If your broker doesn't offer $500 margins for these contracts, you can do better elsewhere
  8. Yeah, you're right.

    But as austinp mentioned, the margin requirements are so low (pretty much in-line with the ES), I automatically think of them as being "mini's". :D
  9. JJ I think you are right. Watching it now has nice movement. Makes sense it's their prime time.
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    Do any of the options on futures have any liquidity overnight? I'm in the U.S., it is Sunday eve, I can't find any futures options that are trading on TWS, not even ES options. Stosh
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