Good Market Profile books, Software and courses

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  1. I am interested in learning to trade using Market Profile. I would appreciate the opinions of people who trade profitably regarding:

    1. The best books on Market Profile (I just ordered Mind Over Markets)

    2. The best charting software for Market Profile.

    3 The best online courses teaching Market Profile.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Books - Markets and Market Logic, Steidlmayer on Markets, CBOT Handbook for the definitions, 141 West Jackson.

    Software - Market Delta, NinjaTrader

    Courses - Dalton's Intensive Courses probably, no personal experience with it.
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    Good list.

    I would add Dalton's book, "Markets in Profile". I liked it better then Steidelmayer's M.OM. book, which has great concepts but is poorly written.
  4. I liked Market Profile. It just never spoke to me like Wyckoff or VSA, but that's just personal preference.

    Bang for the buck I would check out Frank Butera's course on MP, I took , he is good and very reasonable on the pocketbook. I think it was $200

    Dalton first book is good, 2nd one ok. Pete S. is just hard to follow. If you look up Market Profile on CME education you can get archived stuff from Tom Alexander whom is good with Market Profile. IOAMT gives a 1 week trial I believe.

    Get Ninja as suggested for free from Mirus and download the GOM indicators on Ninja forums for free. Cummaltive Volume Delta/Market Delta complements MP very well. I think has some good free content.