Good macro economics books for traders?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by mizhael, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. The recent turmoil urges me to sit down and read some books to help myself understand the global economic and financial system.

    Could anybody recommend some good macro economics books that are practical for traders?

    Recommendation of other relevant books are also welcome!

    Thanks a lot!
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    Macroeconomics, Principles and Policy
    William J. Baumol
    Alan S. Blinder
    ISBN 0-03-097454-2
  3. practical and suitable for traders?
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    It was the textbook for an undergraduate macroeconomics class at USC in the 90s for economics majors. Many real-world examples etc.

    I took the class while getting my electrophysics degree. I guess I took 6 economics classes to get a minor. So I must be some kind of half-assed expert, right? :D

    Nothing harder than algebra in there.
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    an MBA from a fine university might help
  6. Here's a quote, paraphrased, from Jeffrey Sachs, known economist "the signs were all there for the housing and credit bubble, so why didn't us in the field see it?"

    It's a good question, I think the answer is because economics isn't focusing on the actual economy, or rather the financial economy (all we care about anyway). It's focused on a bunch of stupid numbers, or maybe practical solutions to smaller problems.

    At the same time, I've heard and read of economists saying some amazing true things.

    And personally I wouldn't know what to tell you, because economics and common sense are completely mixed up, I don't know where my thinking starts being economic and ends. Just read and immerse yourself, but be careful too.
  7. george selgin's theory of free banking....unrelated to trading but shows the inadequacies and vulnerabilities of central banking systems. this book will make you want to roll up into and ball cry after thinking about the recent moves by the fed. this book proves that in the end we really are all dead