Good macro data = End of Easing. Silver sell-off

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    I won't be surprised if the bright macro data presented today will be the end of the current "crises", end of easing and start of the silver selloff...

    I expect major reversals in silver after FED adresses the item mentioned above in the following weeks.
  2. Silver is up a buck and change today, while oil remains above $100/b and continues to probe higher. Evidently some don't share your opinions...
  3. Larson

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    It is a bubble.......short many times now has this been heard on this site and the media?
  4. Money moves markets, not opinions. :D
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    Study my fundamentals = read the news = understand the economy = analyse the market != make money
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    When Volcker started raising rates in the early 80s gold went from $500 to $800. The threat of rate hikes doesn't mean precious metals have to collapse simultaneously.