Good Live Price Feeds for Dow and S&P Futures

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Mut1ey, Oct 6, 2003.

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    Can anybody point me to the usual suspects? I would like a feed that includes volume.

    Any idea of subscription fees and in-built charting would be very useful also.


  2. is the fastest platform for trading futures that I have ever seen.

    The feed is reliable, and way ahead of anything else.
    The platform costs .25 per contract.
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    Can you explain what this pricing involves - $0.25 per side. Does this mean you only get charged when you place a trade? i.e. the software and data feed is effectively free?
  4. Yes, you can pay a monthly charge for the trading platform, or, you can simply pay a per contract charge of .25 for every "side" that you trade.

    This is in addition to the normal Globex fee of $1.00 per side, transaction fees which run about .39 cents per side, and NFA fees of .02 cents per side + REFCO's commission.

    So basically you are looking at $1.66 in fees + whatever commission that you can negotiate from REFCO.

    I am willing to pay a bit more with this platform from REFCO because it is so incredibly fast, and also allows me to trade pretty much everything under the Sun, not too mention the fact that REFCO has been around forever!
  5. Not very easy to get low commissions with Refco.
    Why are they so much different from GNI, RCG or GHCO ?
  6. don't you still have to place orders over the phone

    for non electronic futures contracts?
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    If you are using RefcoXpress, you can place orders online for pit traded contracts as well as electronic contracts. Although Refco Pro has a lot more bells and whistles, I believe you can only use it to trade electronic contracts.