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  1. I read silent prey which I thoeught wa real good, and another prey which i thouhgt was just "eh". City of bones was the only connely book I read and thought it an average read, I was told that the earlier Bosch books were better.

    Ill check out the others:)
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  2. Ok, here's my deal with Kite runner. Everybody who Ive spoken to that has read it highly recommends it. Amazon has it at 41/2 stars, those 2 factors alone is usually enough for me to get the book. However, the subject matter just doesnt appeal to me, and maybe I am generalizing. I get the idea that the book is about a boys life in Afghanastan(sp), please let me know what is it that appeals to so many, tx.
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  3. James Byron Huggins:

    The Reckoning



    Good action thrillers.
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    Most of those books are in series, so yeah, the quality will vary book-to-book. I usually find that when an author I like has a series, the first couple of books are usually pretty good, then they will really hit their stride and there will be several excellent ones, after that they kind of lose some of their originality and the quality is kind of hit-or-miss.

    I haven't tried Huggins or Smith (but A Simple Plan was an excellent flick), I'm putting them on my list. I'm always looking for more good mystery/thriller/action writers.

    More! More! Surely there are other ET'ers that like this genre?

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  5. Because the it could've been set anywhere. The story much more about relationships than setting.

    Read won't be disapointed.

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  6. Early Wilbur Smith, especially The Sunbird and When the Lion Feeds.

    Trevanian - Shibumi

    David Morrell - The Brotherhood of the Rose, The Fraternity of the Stone, The League of Night and Fog.
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